Cauterization Following Tooth Extraction

(Electrocauterization to control bleeding)

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Cauterization uses a probe to deliver an electric current that is used to burn tissue and seal blood vessels to reduce or stop bleeding.

Patient Advice

Overall Rating
average of all patients
Pain is 8 of 10
Inconvenience is 7 of 10

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Preparation for Cauterization Following Tooth Extraction:
“Ask the doctor what to expect before he or she begins the procedure.”

“Ask the doctor if sedation is appropriate.”

After Cauterization Following Tooth Extraction:
“Carefully follow the instructions as to appointments and medications.”

“Report any pain or discomfort. Do not hesitate to communicate.”


Patient Stories

Cauterization Following Tooth Extraction

I had my tooth (#19) extracted. Afterwards, the area was bleeding and would not stop. I called the oral surgeon and he had me come directly to his office. Read More

Harry, male, 71, Massachusetts

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