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(Digital rectal examination of the prostate gland)

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Ken, male, 34, New York

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I had been feeling the urge to urinate even when I didn’t have to pee. The doctor wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem with my prostate so he suggested a prostate exam.

The doctor asked me to drop my pants and underwear and while still standing, lean against the exam table. As I waited in that compromised position, he busied himself putting on a latex glove, squirting a finger with KY Jelly and launching into a story about his father having to get a prostate exam. The story had something to do with his dad on a ladder going up to his roof, but I was only half paying attention as I was a bit focused on what I was about to experience.

Somehow, in the doctor’s story, just as the dad is at the doctor’s office (maybe he fell from the roof?) and he is about to meet his doctor’s finger, my doctor pushes his digit into me. It kind of got me by surprise, which I think was the whole point of his puzzling story. After a second or two of uncomfortable pressure, the doctor withdrew his finger, bringing me tremendous relief that it was over, and cheerfully pronounced “that’s it.” The experience was mildly physically uncomfortable, and a bit embarrassing because of standing with my pants down; I was worried that door would be pushed open by a nurse. But this exam is really no big deal.


My Advice

Just relax: this is painless and easy.

- posted by HealthAngle July 9, 2007
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