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(Removal of a tooth)

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A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. A surgical extraction generally involves a tooth that has not come in yet or has broken off at the gum line.

Patient Advice

Overall Rating
average of all patients
Pain is 2.3 of 10
Inconvenience is 2.6 of 10

About the rating

Preparation for a Tooth Extraction:
“Ask if you should take pain medicine in advance of pain before the anesthetic wears off.”

“Try and have someone come with you to drive you home.”

“Request headphones (or bring your own) for music or a movie during the procedure to distract you.”

“Do not hesitate to ask the doctor prior to the procedure what you can expect, especially as once the procedure is under way it is difficult or impossible to ask questions.”

During and After a Tooth Extraction:
“Tell your dentist, or raise a hand, if you are uncomfortable at any time during the procedure.”

“Ask if you should take pain medicine in advance of pain before the anesthetic wears off.”


Patient Stories

Tooth Extraction

I had an extraction of molar #30 due to what appeared on X-ray to be an infection in the tooth and a likely crack in the tooth down to the bone. Read More

Greg, male, 45, New Jersey

Tooth Extraction

I had to have two top teeth pulled because the roots were bad. The plan was to replace the teeth with a bridge. Read More

Dave, male, 60, New Jersey

Tooth Extraction

A fracture at the tooth root had caused an infection. This tooth (#19) had root canal with a crown about 15 years ago. Apparently, over time, the tooth had become brittle and fractured. Read More

Harry, male, 71, Massachusetts

Tooth Extraction

I had a root canal tooth that was never restored, i.e., I never had the recommended crown put on after the root canal. Over time, the tooth started to break down until one day it broke off completely. The root of the tooth was still there and needed to be extracted. Read More

Sofia, female, 28, New Jersey

Tooth Extraction

Both of my first molars on the bottom were broken. The one I had removed was so bad the root and nerves were exposed. There was absolutely nothing left inside the tooth. I had a horrible infection two weeks prior to the extraction, which was not only inconvenient but also extremely painful. Read More

Gretchen, female, 23, Indiana