(Birth control for males by rendering the vas deferens nonfunctional for transporting sperm)

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Rich, male, 35, California

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We had our second child and had decided we didn’t want any more. I was extremely open to getting a vasectomy as compared to using condoms or having my wife take the pill. I originally was going to have the vasectomy done two weeks after our child was born. So after two weeks, I met with the doctor for a consultation, when he told me he recommends waiting six months until after the baby was born. At this point, he said, you generally know if there are any developmental issues with the child.

Six months after our second (and last) child was born, I went in for the vasectomy. I went to the doctor’s office. He had me lie on a flat examination table with my pants down to my knees and my shirt pulled up a bit. He shaved some of my pubic hair. He gave me local anesthesia, a shot, into the areas where he shaved my pubic area, on the left and right side. There was no pain, just a short poke. The doctor waited five minutes for the anesthesia to take effect and during this time he explained the procedure. He told me he would make a small incision to access my vas deferens, cut it, tie it, and cauterize the open ends.

He made the small incision on one side, used what looked like a knitting needle to pull the vas deferens. I didn’t feel anything, though I saw a little smoke and smelled a little burning smell when he cauterized. He then closed the incision, and did the other side. Each side took about 4 minutes.

He said he was done, and told me I could go home.

In the consultation, he had recommended that I wear comfortable, supportive pants and supportive underwear the day of the procedure. So I wore sweat pants and “tighty whites” to the procedure. He gave me a prescription for pain medication and told me to apply ice to the area for the next 48 hours. I used bags of frozen peas, and used them often in the first 24 hours. I also watched several DVDs because I was a bit sore in the groin and walking was a little uncomfortable. The day after, I was back to 80 percent normal. I had the procedure done Friday morning, and I was back at work Monday morning with no issues.


My Advice

Get supportive underwear. For icing, use bags of frozen peas or corn. Get a bunch of DVDs to watch, because for 24 hours you may be sore in the groin region, making walking a bit uncomfortable.

- posted by HealthAngle December 14, 2007
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